Historical Building Painting

Historical building painting and maintenance and rehabilitation

Mosque of the El Jebel Shrine
Client: 1770 Sherman LLC
National Register of Historical Places
Built: 1907
Scope: Repainting and restoring domes, flagpoles, windows, soffits.
Coatings: BM Iron-Clad, SW Duration

painting building

Daniels and Fisher Building
Client: D&F Association
National Register of Historic Places
Built: 1910
Scope: Gold leaf, painting
Coatings: SW Siloxane, Dow Corning 791

gold leaf gilding

Colorado State Capitol Building
Client: The People of Colorado
Built: 1901
Scope: Replacing the previous coating of the domes copper.
Regilding gold dome
Product:  SW Epoxy and Fluoropolymer, 24k gold leaf