Rope Access Jobs


Are you a professional who is looking for a great rope access-related painting job?
Available positions are listed here.  Apply online below.
All positions are eligible for health & dental insurance, travel pay, per-diems, and flexible schedules.

Sales:  Experience in the painting field preferred.

SPRAT Lvl 3:  Lead a 3-6 person team. Travel required.  Must live in or near Denver, CO

Rope Access Lvl 1 & 2: Hourly wage, travel wage, per-diems. 

Sub-Contractors:  Do you have a crew and need more work?
Don’t have a crew but are interested to start a small business with rope access.
We can help as we have numerous projects throughout the USA.
We provide all materials and have rental gear kits available.
Give us an email about rope access sub-contractor opportunities.


rope access jobs