Structure Painting

BASE structure painting services include stadiums, power plant stacks, water towers and tanks, bridges, gantry cranes, off shore platforms & other structures of height. Our structure painters are trained in the latest application techniques as well as climbing and safety methods. We utilize rope access techniques on the most difficult structures. Rope access allows us to reach areas that require other firms to build scaffolding and use cranes. We are experienced in numerous system of surface preparation and different types of coatings applications. Our focus is to provide our clients structure painting services that provide longevity and durability. We are committed to protecting your asset for years of profitable service.

Stadium Maintenance & Painting
Client: Miller Park
Scope: Repaint the retractable roofs structural steel and the ceilings roof deck. Degrease metal walls.
Prep: SSPC-1,2,10
Coatings: Corothane 1, Corothane Mio Aluminum

Steel Tie-In Coatings
Project: ARTIC – Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center
Client: Techno Coatings, Clark Const
Scope: Tie-in weld seams, diagrid arches
Prep: SSPC-1, 2, 11
Coatings: Tnemec

Water Tower Painting
Client: City of Greeley
Scope: Re Painting 250,000 gallon spheroid water tower
Prep: SSPC- 1,2 & 11
Coatings: Macropoxy 646, Acrolon 218,

Water Tank
Client: City of Arvada
Scope: Interior & exterior blasting/painting
Prep: SSPC- 10
Coatings: Tnemec Pota-Pox, Edurashield, Hydro-Zinc

Emimisions Stack Coatings
Client: UNI Power Plant
Scope: Repainting the emissions stack
Prep: SSPC-1, SSPC-7
Coatings:SW Corothane 1, Corothane Mio Aluminum

Stack Painting
Client: University Building Assoc.
Scope: Creating artwork from an eyesore
Prep: SSPC-1,2,3
Coatings: Sherwin Williams Industrial