Tower Painting

BASE Painters are the tower painters to call.  Our tower painting services include the cell, radio, tv, navigation and electrical transmission sectors. We service self support towers, guyed towers, monopoles, rooftops, remote or congested tower sites. Our tower painters are trained in the latest climbing and safety methods. We utilize rope access techniques on the most difficult towers. We are experienced in numerous systems of surface preparation and different types of coatings applications such as media blasting, containment brush and roll or spraying polyurethanes, epoxies or water based urethanes. Our focus is to provide our clients with exceptional service and that our painting services provide longevity and durability to their asset. We are committed to protecting your asset for years of profitable service. BASE Painters tower painters are dedicated to providing a quality turn key corrosion program according to NACE and SSPC coating standards.

MAF Communication Tower Painting
Client: St Andrews Construction, Army Corps of Engineers at FE Warren AFB
Scope: Repaint 7 MAF towers
Prep: SSPC-1, SSPC-2, SSPC-10
Coatings: Corothane1, Corothane Pre-Primer, Sher-Cryl.
Location: Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska

Self Support Tower Painting
Client: Los Angeles Internal Services Provider Department
Scope: Repaint aging towers. Lead abatement and containment.
Pre: SSPC-1 & 2, Lead Abatement
Coatings: SW Macropoxy, SW High Solids Polyurethane.
Location: Los Angeles & Lancaster California

Self Support Tower Painting
Client: Centennial Contractors Inc, Clover Park College
Scope: Tower painting with emphasis on reducing the lead exposure.
Prep: SSPC-1,2
Coatings: SW Sher Cryl, Mio-Aluminum
Location: Seattle, Washington

Guyed Tower Painting
Client: Wilson Group Contractors, Kearny Police Department,
Scope: Repaint 200′ tower
Prep: SSPC-1, SSPC-2
Coatings: PPG DTM
Location:` Kansas

Mono-Pole Tower Painting
Client: Front Range Wireless
Scope: Paint the newly galvanized mono pole tower
Pre: SSPC-1
Clean with etching compound
Coatings: SW DTM wash primer, DTM Acrylic
Location: Denver, Colorado

Forest Service Tower Repaint
Client: AT&T
Scope: Make the tower blend in with the landscape using BLM’s proprietary color Sudan Brown.
Prep: SSPC-1,2
Coatings: SW DTM
Location: Forest Service Land (remote location of Colorado)