Are you a professional who is looking for a great rope access-related painting job?
Available positions are listed here.  Apply online below.
All positions are eligible for health & dental insurance, travel pay, per-diems, and flexible schedules.
We also hire crews of 2 or more.  If you have a friend and want to work with them as a crew let us know.

Sales:  Experience in the painting field preferred.

PAINTERS:  All levels, apply

SPRAT Lvl 3:  Lead a 3-6 person team. Travel required.  Must live in or near Denver, CO

Rope Access Lvl 1 & 2: Hourly wage, travel wage, per-diems. 

Sub-Contractors:  Do you have a crew and need more work?
Don’t have a crew but are interested to start a small business with rope access.
We can help as we have numerous projects throughout the USA.
We provide all materials and have rental gear kits available.
Fill out the form:   sub-contractor form


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